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Energy Saving Tips for Summer

With Summer officially arriving this weekend, temperatures are climbing, and many of us are turning to air conditioning to help keep us cool. Here are some of our favorite ways to keep cool in the summer, while saving energy!

Woman Adjusting Thermostat

  1. Service your air conditioner. Whether you have a window cooling unit, or central air, cleaning dust from air vents & coils, and changing your air filter can greatly improve your units efficiency. Learn more about maintaining your air conditioner here.
  2. Block the light. Keeping your blinds closed when the sun is out will help keep your home cool, and reduce the amount of energy you are using. Blackout curtains and window quilts are great ways to help keep the sun (and heat!), out!
  3. Eliminate air leaks. Many people worry about air leaks and cold air entering their home in the winter, but don’t think about hot air entering in the summer. Apply caulk or weatherstripping around doors and windows will help keep the warm air out, and as a bonus, helps reduce energy costs in the winter too! Click here for more on air sealing your home.
  4. Cook dinner outside. Ditching the oven for dinner will help you from adding additional and unnecessary heat into your home, which in turn makes your air conditioning work harder to cool the air. Fire up your grill, enjoy a tasty meal, and save energy all at the same time!  See some of our favorite grilling tips here.
  5. Upgrade your thermostat. A great and easy way to save energy year round is to upgrade your thermostat to a programmable one that will help keep your home at a consistent temperature, and avoid cooling (or heating) unnecessarily when you are away. Keeping your thermostat closer to the outside temperature will also help save energy!

Enjoy your summer, keep cool, and save energy!



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