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We've designed our website for fast moving, on-the-go buyers and sellers. This allows us to share and engage in real-time with clients and customers.

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What if potential buyers can walk through your home from the comfort of their own living room? Coldwell Banker Lifestyles is pleased to present Matterport tours, which transform actual spaces into 3D models.


Reaching buyers on multiple websites. Your listing is syndicated on over 300 websites including, Trulia, Zillow,, and many more.

Reaching buyers by targeting their agents. By educating area agents on the highlights of your home, they are better equipped to field questions and point prospective buyers in your direction.

Email marketing. Our weekly email campaign lands in the in-boxes of current clients, past clients, prospective buyers, and local real estate agents. Sometimes tried and true methods work the best. A just listed postcard is created for your listing and disseminated to homeowners in your area.

Utilizing quality design to reach buyers. When you list with us, your property is featured in our real estate brochure, which is distributed throughout New Hampshire and Vermont.

Staying social means staying engaged. Coldwell Banker has 500,000+ social followers across all major social media platforms.

Our app makes it easy. Coldwell Banker offers a custom app to help buyers find your home more easily.

Leveraging technology to get your home sold. Our Matterport tours are a realistic, interactive 3D and VR experience that feels as real as being there.



We know where buyers are coming from. Our Buyer Locator app is able to identify where potential buyers are coming from. This knowledge allows us to target potential buyers through our digital marketing campaigns.


SocialAd Engine

Our Social Ad Engine platform allows agents to create instant buzz when your property hits the market. This platform, combined with the Buyer Locator app, allows us to advertise your property directly to those with the highest likelihood of purchasing your property.



We’ve created a custom mobile app to connect our listings with potential buyers. Making it easy for them to find your listing wherever they may be.

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Targeted MarketingReaching Your Buyer

Our data shows us where buyers are looking at your property. We leverage these reports and advertise your property’s campaign directly to those markets on Facebook and Instagram.

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RobustPrint Presence

We know that tried and true methods are still important. By combining our print presence with our digital strategy you can be assured that your listing is being seen.

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