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Decorating Your Pumpkin

There are two types of people in this world - those that like gutting a pumpkin and those that don’t. If you’re the later, then this week’s blog post is for you! We’re sharing five ways you can create halloween pumpkin decor without having to gut your pumpkin.

1. Paint Your Pumpkin
• What you’ll need: a pumpkin, paint, brushes and/or sponges. 
• How it works: Let your imagination go wild- a bat, cheetah print, or vampire. The possibilities truly are endless! Just be sure to seal or protect your paint if you plan to put your pumpkin outside.

2. Wax Your Pumpkin 
• What you’ll need: a pumpkin, crayons and a blow dryer.
• How it works: Choose your colors and unwrap the crayons. Hold the crayon while you direct the warm air from the blow dryer on it. The wax will begin to drip and you’ll begin to create a masterpiece! 

3. Modge Podge Your Pumpkin
• What you’ll need: a pumpkin, Modge Podge, tissue paper or seasonal napkins.
• How it works: Rip, cut or tear your paper into the pieces you’d like to add to your pumpkin. Apply a thin layer of Modge Podge to the pumpkin and then lay down your piece. Apply a second layer of Modge Podge on top and let dry. Voila! 

4. Wrap Your Pumpkin 
• What you’ll need: a pumpkin, hot glue gun (with glue), gauze and googly eyes.
• How it works: Apply a small amount of hot glue to the end of your gauze and stick it to your pumpkin. You can then wrap your pumpkin to look like a mummy! When you’ve got your gauze how you like it you can cut the end and apply another dab of glue to hold the end in place. Now you can add your googly eyes! You’ve now got a mummified pumpkin!

5. Dress Your Pumpkin
• What you’ll need: a pumpkin, fun tights, twine or ribbon, and scissors.
• How it works: Tie a knot in one leg of the tights and drop your pumpkin into that leg. Pull the tights tight and secure to the base of the stem with twine or ribbon (hot glue might be helpful as well). Cut off the excess material and you've not got a full dressed pumpkin. 

These are just a few of the ways you could decorate your pumpkin without carving. Do you have a great idea for decorating your pumpkin? Share it with us in the comments - we'd love to try them!


Pumpkins Decorated for Halloween


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