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Build a Budget Friendly Home Gym

With gyms throughout the area closed or operating at minimum capacity, a home gym has never sounded more appealing. Many Americans (3 out of 5 to be exact!) are actually turning to home gyms for good, and over half of the population is looking for the best home-fitness options.

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The Rise of at-Home Fitness

Americans are exercising 25 percent more than they were before the quarantine and the majority of them are now convinced you don’t need a gym to get fit, according to OnePoll. The poll also shared that the respondents have spent $95.79 on average on home fitness products. 

Some are just simply bored and have replaced pre-pandemic outings with working out safely from their home. This healthy decision does come at a cost but includes overall savings compared to a gym membership. To help with your home gym efforts, I’ve gathered some resources and low-budget products that will help you get fit without breaking the bank.

Space Saving Ideas

We all don’t have a dedicated fitness room in our home, so it can be beneficial to find compact home gym equipment and dual-purpose products. Try a door pull-up bar or punching bag that’s discreet and doesn’t need any complicated installation. You can also take advantage of mini steppers that help you meet your cardio goals while taking up limited space in your home, and resistance bands can adjust the difficulty of workouts while being applied to numerous types of equipment and exercises. 

DIY Gym Equipment

If you’re feeling handy, you can build your own workout equipment from the comfort of your own home. You can use pipes to create a pull-up bar, squat rack, gymnastics bar, weight rack, and even monkey bars if you want to turn your home into a home gym playground. If you have carpentry skills, you can make a dip station or pull blocks out of plywood.

Digital Personal Trainers

The modern digital era has made it easier than ever to receive fitness training from home, and even on a budget. We’re not all familiar with the proper workouts for our particular goals, so training sessions are a great way to receive instructions on how to safely and effectively achieve the results you’re looking for. 

Personal trainers typically cost up to $400 a month, but now you can access free Youtube videos, affordable online training subscriptions, and technology products that keep track of your activity and health. More and more Americans are purchasing fitness watches such as Fitbit and the Apple Watch, and these devices are great at helping you stay on track with your fitness goals. Smart assistants can also guide you to success with personal training apps.

Get Active From Home

Technological advances and the rising market of home gym equipment have made it easier than ever to create a home gym. You can use this time in quarantine to work on some DIY projects to create your own equipment, and also find some great deals on compact and dual-purpose products that can safely be delivered to your home. Take advantage of your time at home to improve your health and wellness, and save some money too.

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The above post is a guest post from a guest post by Ricardo Mello. Ricardo Mello is the co-founder and Managing Partner of Manhattan Miami Real Estate. He helps clients all over the globe invest in residential real estate in NYC and Miami. He’s a licensed realtor in Florida. His work has been featured on Inman, Realtor Magazine, The Close, and NextAdvisor.

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